REBUILD: The 12 Week Fasting and Workout Program designed for men over 40



Do you need to jump start your fitness and heath? Are you sick of the mediocre results you are getting from your current diet and exercise program?

Then give our FREE revolutionary fitness and fasting program, REBUILD a try. REBUILD provides you with everything you need to build dense muscle, lose fat, optimize your hormones, and improve your sex-drive and libido.

The only way you're REALLY going to get the results you want is with a workout plan, proper nutrition, and instruction from REAL experts. We provide all of that for you.


REBUILD is an intense 12-week protocol that includes: Strength Training, Cardio, Time Restricted Eating, and Intermittent Fasting to help you build lean muscle, burn fat, optimize your hormones, and improve your overall physical performance.

REBUILD will take you step by step through an intense strength training routine that will ignite new muscle growth and improve your overall muscular endurance. Creators, Doctor Mark Testa and Fitness Expert Kevin Rail have helped thousands of people build strong, lean physiques, and have designed this program specifically for people looking to restore their health and get in elite physical condition.


The REBUILD program includes:

  • 3 monthly strength training and cardio routines. Each routine is designed to ignite new muscle growth and help you build and maintain the six pack you’ve always wanted.

  • A 12 week Time Restricted Eating and intermittent Fasting schedule to help your body eliminate stubborn fat, recover from workouts more quickly, and help you to optimize your hormones and sex-drive.

  • Video downloads demonstrating each exercise and workout in the program.

  • REBUILD includes membership to an exclusive private Facebook group where you get direct access to program creators Dr. Mark Testa and Coach Kevin, where they can answer your questions and help modify the program to your specific needs.

  • Access to exclusive monthly webinars where Dr. Testa and Kevin Rail discuss various topics, health hacks, and healthy habits you can adopt to permanently optimize your health and fitness.


REBUILD isn’t a normal workout program or diet. It’s a lifestyle program that will replace your old habits with a powerful set of tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

No fitness and health program like REBUILD has ever been designed. There truly is nothing like it and we know you’ll get off the charts results if you follow the program and participate in our online coaching and fitness community. You owe it to yourself to join the community and get started on the program.


As previously mentioned, REBUILD includes direct access to the creators of REBUILD via a private Facebook Community, where you can ask questions, post progress updates, and participate in live webinars and discussions with Dr. Mark Testa and Coach Kevin Rail.

The webinars will cover the ins and outs of fasting, workout tips, what to eat and when for maximal results, workout recovery tips, and more.

We’ll be there every step of the way to give you the support you need to succeed. Sign-up today and start REBUILDING the best body of your life!