Kettlebell Workout - The Animal Ability Shoulder Circuit

Perform 2-3 rounds of the following kettlebell shoulder workout.  Complete each exercise back to back with as little rest as possible. Rest as needed between rounds. As always, make sure to perform 5 to 10 minutes of joint mobility drills prior to beginning each workout.

  1. Bottoms Up Presses - 10 Reps Each Side

  2. Double Kettlebell Presses - 10 Reps

  3. Kettlebell Iron Crosses - 15 Reps

  4. Kettlebell Reverse Flyes - 15 Reps

  5. Double Kettlebell Presses - 10 Reps

Note: Use lighter kettlebells for the Iron Crosses and Reverse Flyes, focusing on good form and getting a deep burn rather than on pure strength.

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About the Author: Jim Smith is a fitness contributor for Train for Longevity and founder of the Animal Ability Method of training. Jim is a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, who currently practices in Virginia.