Kettlebell Strength Workout - The Cavemantraining Widowmaker

The following kettlebell strength workout is a guest post designed by fitness contributor Taco Fleur, owner and kettlebell coach of The workout is intense and using a selection of super-effective kettlebell exercises.

The kettlebell exercises included in the workout include:

  • Double KB Push-ups

  • Double KB Swings

  • Double KB Cleans

  • Double KB Squats

  • Double KB Press

The combo is performed with two heavy kettlebells and for two repetitions per minute for 8 minutes. This is usually referred to as an “EMOM”, which stands for Every Minute On the Minute.

Set your stopwatch for 8 minutes and when the timer starts you perform two of the kb combos, if you complete those in 35 or 40 seconds then you have 25 or 20 seconds to rest for the remainder of the minute. You want to work at a normal pace but you want to make sure you get some rest time.

Now, prior to the workout, you want to do a good warm-up, if you have a concept2 rower then give that baby a good spin with 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.

If you don’t have a rower then perform kettlebell swings with a lightweight, light enough so that you can complete the full 45 seconds without putting the weight down. Rest for 3 minutes.

Then start your first 8-minute EMOM as explained above and after that, you rest till your heart rate is back to normal only to repeat the work and do a 6-minute EMOM. Rest again and repeat for the last time with a 4 minute EMOM.

Here is a video of the kettlebell combo in action.

Finish with 6 minutes of spending some time on the body with mobility and stretching. So, after your last EMOM, you rest for 2 and then you perform 6 to 8 minutes of work as follows:

  • 2 or 4 Bootstrappers (feel what's good for you)

  • 1 alternating Sots press

Here is a video of the above exercises in action.

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